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Friday, 19 May 2017

My Happy Family ***half

My Happy Family ***half  120mn  Original title: ‘Chemi bedinieri ojakhi’, prod.(Georgia-Germany-France); Directors: Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Gross. Screenplay: Ekvtimishvili. Camera (color, HD): Tudor Vladimir Panduru. Editor: Stefan Stabenow.  starring: Ia Shugliashvili

Just watched " My Happy Family", film screened at Sundance. 
Very interesting and people sing at all ages. All beautiul. 
In the movie, all the apts are kind of used, run down, stuffed w people 3 generations, 
in the same apt, closets in others bedroom... but very nice. 

Lots of noises too, chatter in all directions. Highschool/University reunions where the women gathers to gossip - very untactful, no privacy, no consideration of whether the gossip involves directly the person sitting in the group - all without malice, just a kind of has been event, what happened... 

these apts have had over dosed people, gaz suicides... but the sun still shines, and planting tomatoes on the window sill, listening ito mozart, peace and quiet at last, in your own space. 

Family ties and intrusion. Melancholic music.

Living with a large family and being by yourself. 

Punky new daughter in laws brings a breath of fresh air, she will also live in the multi generational apt. Whats v nice is the variety of characters, and the singing folks. As if everyone could sing like that! 

Its like a pot of over grown roses... mixed with many other flowers.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Makerfaire Paris 2017, 9, 10, 11th June. Cite des Sciences La Villette. DIY guqin

Carbon Fiber Guqin

1//Worlds first carbon fiber guqin: "Half Hundun 2016"

2// 2nd generation of carbon fiber guqin : "Who 2017" 

NB  :: Poster for MakerFaire (temporary will be updated closer to event)

A:: constructed in virtual world, printed in ebronze pla, finished with carbon fiber (carbon fiber qin with pla embryo) 

B:: constructed in virtual world, printed in ebronze pla, nude (pla with special stiffener) 

C:: constructed in virtual world, printed in pla w magnetic iron, slightly rusted and nude ( metallic sound?) 

D:: scanned xyzQin (shennong style, after the Shosoin Qin) Phase 2 of xyzQin; printed in ebronze pla, finished with carbon fiber (see poster below, the green texts)

xyzQin : Phase I ::  traditional way / unique piece
             Phase 2 :: 3d printed way / small series
Phase I ::  traditional way / unique piece ; see photo on right hand side

Phase 2 ::  3d printed + hand finished method, poster above

xyzQin #1 + #2

Friday, 12 May 2017

3d printed musical instruments

Renaissance sounds in computer game "Pilgrim", and a v special unique guitar.

Shuengit Chow a partagé un lien.
Legendary Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari is generally considered the most significant and greatest artisan in his field, constructing the world’s finest violins…

Legendary Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari is generally considered the most significant and greatest artisan in his field, constructing the world’s finest violins that today are sold for millions of dollars.
In his lifetime he (and the Stradivari family) produced over 1000 instruments, of which 960 were violins, however a small number of guitars were also crafted, and as of today only one remains playable.
Antonio Stradivari made the “Sabionari” guitar in 1679, however at the beginning of the nineteenth century, (like many other baroque guitars) it was augmented to follow the style of more modern instruments of that time.
Recently, Daniel Sinier and Francoise de Ridder restored it back to its original baroque configuration (documented in the fall 2014 #119 issue of American Luthier), with 4 double Catgut strings (A D G B) and a single E string. With fellow veteran luthier Lorenzo Frignani maintaining the instrument currently, keeping in a usable condition.
The “Sabionari” is owned by a private collectorand could be considered to be solely a museum piece. However in the clip below we can hear in action, as Baroque concert guitarist Rolf Lislevand performs Santiago de Murcia’s “Tarantela” using the Stradivarius guitar.

Shuengit Chow The renaissance sound is so beautiful. I had a computer game, the first that I played called "Pilgrim", its after a novel by a famous writer. The whole games has nice sound tracks - w music of this genre. And v elegant, hand drawn effects, esthetic graphics by Moebius.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

PLA shelf life, and PLA parts life, biodegradable @ 60°C + sustained 6 days!topic/makerbot/RNS1HOcY31E

How long do your PLA parts last?

Actually, it looks like 140°F for six days. 

I did a quick search... 
PLA is a bioplastic made from starch; specifically it is being manufactured from starches derived from genetically modified corn (GMO food). This technology and supporting organizations such as BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) claim that PLA biodegrades. However, this claim is confusing because they are using the term “biodegradable” extremely loosely. PLA is a “compostable plastic” in that it goes through “degradation” to break down and is therefore not true “biodegradation”. PLA does not break down or biodegrade in a landfill and will only begin to “degrade” after being exposed to heat (specifically 60° C over a five day period). This kind of environment can only be found in a commercial composting facility, NOT in the domestic composter in your garden. We find that many of the articles and organizations who support PLA are greatly contributing to the confusion by not using correct standards based definitions of that technology. Once PLA composts the remnant is CO2 and because professional composting facilities are not currently capturing the gas it is usually released into the atmosphere. 
PLA and things they don't always tell you